Do you always get a smooth transition between product delivery, installation and bringing to use?

Neatly managed hardware can give your home a lot of character. Why run the risk of making simple tasks complicated when you have Easy Fix to back you.

You sure do not want any damages when drilling those expensive wooden frames. Easy Fix professionals bring the best drilling equipment to suit your wall tiles, floor tiles, vitrified tiles, glazed tiles or marble surface.

Book on EasyFix Platform to get your broken or new hardware fixed. Noisy door closure, the broken knob, damaged door, glass windows or floor springs.

Our retail customer service team will attend to your case, understand the issue in the Hardware and assign the best suited Professional from a network of verified Easy Fix Handymen nearest to your location. All Easy Fix Handymen come with skills and experience in the domain, one of them will visit you with required tools and complete your service order on TAT.

Check for the Services in your city. You can get an Easy Fix handyman to fix all your appliance related issues. Make a booking here. Please make sure to share the pictures of the issue while booking your service.


  • Installation rate card is available here.
  • Repair estimate is quoted onsite upon review of the situation by the Easy Fix handyman.
  • Visitation fees of INR 500. The fee is adjusted with the service bill.
  • All painting cost cover primer base.

If you are unhappy about the repair service estimate, we will reschedule a new Easy Fix handyman for Free.

  • Your payments are secure
  • 10 day free warranty

We take safety very seriously. All our professionals are police verified and equipped with PPE including mask and gloves.

Once you have booked your service request, you can relax. Easy Fix will fix the rest.