The Leadership Team

It's been a decade since we are in Business. We learnt early that each successful business is backed by a strong team. We possess common values and building the Easy Fix ecosystem together.

Shaifali Agarwal Holani

Founder, CEO Easy Fix

I believe anything is possible if we believe in it. I run Easy Fix because our clients love working with us. My job here is to bring improvements, I work with one department at a time and together we improve experience of our stakeholders when working with the company.

Neeraj Kumar

CFO, Easy Fix

Success is a process and to be unshakable the roots must be strongest. Our execution excellence reflects on how accounting is managed and analytics are shared with partners. 5 years ago, when I joined Easy Fix we had 10 city presence. I am proud of how we are growing organically.

Chandrika Mob Raja

Technology Officer, Easy Fix

What I am building in Easy Fix is unique. We are solving the same problem in different ways. Each logic or feature that my team and build improve customer experience, efficiency and time. My goal here is to customise whats needed for the business

Harendra Kumar

Business Head, Sales Easy Fix

A black belt is a white belt that never quits. We don't give up because situations are difficult. I am with Easy Fix since I was young, we have grown together as a team. Its been a beautiful journey where I have grown personally and have developed a trusted team with me.

Devendra Rajput

Business Head, Operations Easy Fix

My attitude is that competition can copy our style but cannot know whats our strategy to great execution. We are always mile and a half ahead of them. We are outthinkers, recognising patterns from the market and trends are shaping our strategy.

Raj Gupta

Business Inventory, Development Easy Fix

I am making a strong cultural change, I have always wanted to be able to experiment to innovate and make changes that last. I am a part of Easy Fix as it is a platform that has given me wings, and I use disruptive ways to outthink and perform rather than outspend my competition

Jeevan Nagarjun

National Field Force, Management Easy Fix

My job in Easy Fix is to bring discipline on field. We are a company with people who aspire to become successful in life, my team and I deep dive to find best people in India. Each person when selected is trainable to join the forum and meet our values.


Business Leader, Repair Projects

We moved early in the Handymen gameplay. This is a battleground only the most persistent practitioner survives. We are able to coordinate with the most uncoordinated sector, where people disguise getting the Piddly tasks of plumbing, electrical, glass and hardware repairs completed.


Business Leader, New Projects

We in Easy Fix are fighting a 2 way battle, on one hand we help brands service their customers better and at the same time Handymen get a structured way of working along with a place they call - as their office. We are Good to them and they are Good to us, our Handymen are my key reason to be passionate for what I do in Easy Fix.


Business Leader, Audit Projects

"First they ignore you, then they Laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" Gandhi ji said this. I relate to this with myself and with Easy Fix. When we started, almost together, we did not have many followers. We kept of focussing on the company growth, our Goal and we would work on things that brought us closer to our vision.


Business Leader, Special Projects

I am excited to be a part of this journey, where I am responsible for providing customers with what they really Need. Over years, with our focus on a Niche, we have understood behaviours on field and our fraud proof data capturing tools help us replace standard operations Nationally.

Mentors & Coaches

Shailja Dutta

Founder & Chairperson, Stellar Search (India, South East Asia and Africa)

Shailja is a coach who mentors the team for Leadership in right direction.

Ambika Sharma

Founder And Managing Director, Pulp Strategy & InstaAppy

Ambika is the chief strategist and mentors the team on execution with data intellienge.

Shikher Gupta

Founder at Cuttlfish & TerraceWalks, Ex-Marketing Head-Videocon Industries

Shikher is the Brand Image consultant helping the team and nurturing it's communication archetype.

Sundeep holani

Founder and CEO Channelply Seed Investor - Easy Fix

Sundeep and his company Channelplay supports Easy Fix with technology, infrastructure & PR.

Suhas Mihra

Serial entrepreneur. CEO at Misters. Ex:Tardigrade, Hector Beverages & Channelplay

Suhas mentors the leadership team with New initiatives, implementation & maintenance strategy.

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