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Stay Home- While Easy Fix gets your work done.

Stay Home- While Easy Fix gets your work done.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has posed unique challenges to states and territories across India. The novel disease, for which there is no effective treatment or vaccines, continues to claim lives and disrupt economies. The year 2021 started as the year of hope. A year of vaccinations and finally say goodbye to the virus. Things did get better, the entire country was a part of the vaccination drive, but sadly, even after the vaccine being introduced, we have seen a rise in covid cases in Delhi itself. The issues have reached a number never seen before. Now you are being at home, you may pinpoint some flaws, or there may be some unexpected damages that need immediate attention and repair. We are in a situation where one will not be very comfortable in calling a handyperson. 

To ease up your quarantine and help you with your immediate fixtures, Easy Fix is rising above this Covid-19 Pandemic. When you would be panicking about your broken tap or not having a perfect workstation to aid your work from home, Easy Fix would come to your residence, all prepared by taking all the necessary precautions to construct and install that desired workstation and fix that leaky tap in your bathroom. Easy Fix is ready to serve its clients with experienced and efficient handypersons. Easy Fix has worked with brands like Snapdeal, LG, Whirlpool, Pepperfry, Big Bazaar and a lot such big fish in the industry and has never failed to deliver up to the expectations. Easy Fix visits your homes wearing a PPE Kit and keeps their COVID-19'Negative' report a d PCR Report handy in these difficult times.  

Make the lockdown a blessing in disguise. Stay indoors and keep yourself occupied with healthy activities, work, and a lot more while Easy Fix handypersons visit you and ensure the fun doesn't stop at your home. This is the time to look at the positive side, reinvent ourselves and become fitter and stronger individuals!