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How can you make the relocation process an easy one?

How can you make the relocation process an easy one?


Do you wish to settle down? What better way to than re-starting at a new house or new city?

Relocating from one city to another is a new normal post-pandemic, as corporates reopen offices and expect teams to work from the office. 

Do you find the relocation process difficult? Yes, it is. Quite daunting as we need to do much more, and there is an unending to-do home improvement list of things to do. After having relocated many houses, our customers say that Relocation is something they would never want to do again! Of course, Relocation - it's not an easy task. Relocating a house - is not just a house but a community, school, daily supplies, new shopping area, new routes and endless handyman tasks. 

Moving home, family and work - not just give us physical stress but mental stress too. Relocating an office, a gym, or any commercial space is equally taxing and involves many more stakeholders depending on the size of the business. Choose a professional relocation company to face less trouble while relocating so that your things are cared for in transit—someone with a track record of working systematically to wrap it up for you.

To uninstall products before packing and unpack to put everything back together. Along with relocation services, handy technician services are required in new & old house. Choose a multi-skills technician provider who understands relocation emotions and possesses needed skills. In to its Relocation, technicians and such training help them pick, pack and wrap everything quickly with safety. 

Below are written the following tasks that need to be careful of while relocating:

  •  Uninstallation of appliances, furniture, hardware, lights and essentials.
  •  Goos quality packaging material - a lot of damage can be saved with good packing.
  •  Experienced loaders - for lifting the heavy boxes and packing them into a van or truck
  •  Careful unpacking and Re-installation of appliances, paintings and new fittings.
  •  Relocation insurance
  • AMC/ Annual preventive maintenance

Moving In & Moving Out:

In the turmoil of moving in & moving out, it is natural to forget the necessary things that are required at that time and end up in chaos. So, to avoid such a chaotic situation on the big day is here with some tips you can keep in mind to make Relocation an easy task:

1. Get an organizer and be a little more organized: 

A checklist is the best option; grab a pen-paper and jot down every task you need to be prepared and get done with. After this necessary first step, make a timeline estimation and make the person accountable for doing the job. Making a list may seem like a big task, but it will help you solve all the upcoming tasks more quickly.

2. Selling or Donating the unused furniture and appliances: This could be the perfect opportunity for you to let go of that clutter and not hold on to things that haven't been used for one year. Please give it to someone in need and create space for new and more in your life. You will also save some space. Relocation is the best time for us to get rid of things that don't matter anymore. You can donate or sell them to earn extra money for handyman tasks. 

3. Decide the Date: The relocation company will visit for a recee to share an estimate. You must check for truck entry and exit times and keep necessary permissions taken before the move-out day. Give clearance and settle down payments for daily staff and subscriptions like newspaper, milk, dry cleaner, cleaner, and car washing and provide them with a new address if relocating nearby or another city. If you live in a society or condominium, ask for a no dues certificate from your society. 

Today, multiple SME and large-scale relocation companies help make the process smoother. recommends users to use HappyLocate, Agarwal packers, Interim Relocation, Santa Fe and PMR for their moving needs. 

Because companies help many others to relocate, it's easy for them, as its teams are professionals and they visit with a list of tasks that need to be performed in given timelines. Well establishes companies provide its users with a 360* experience and will provide handyman assistance included in their relocation package - reassembled or repair, uninstallation of large appliances, furniture, kitchens, bathroom hardware, bulbs, lamps, paintings.

4. Connect with a handyman service like Look for and choose the most reliable service provider, one like Doing your homework is very important; you need to check out the company's reviews and the projects they have handled in the past. Someone who can take accountability for all handyman tasks at your old and new house for Civil works, Chimney, treadmill, furniture, TV, AC, RO, washing machine and other home appliances.

Party Time!

It's time you call your friends to your new house. takes pride in taking tiredness and worries away. A network of curated skilled technician service providers helped install and repair everything technical. 

Note: During Relocation, Easyfix. Technicians will help to uninstall and install the process and essential packing in which relocation companies provide boxes and packing material. Easyfix is not a relocation company but works with them to fulfil their full-stack handyman requirements.