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Our technicians are our superheroes.

Our technicians are our superheroes.


Easyfix technicians are the epitome of heroism. The scale and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult for all. Pandemic has disrupted education, recreation, and time with friends and family. Day or night, easyfixers are always there to help out all those in need.

The services were never put on hold, even during such testing times. All the technicians take all the precautionary measures. This new year started as the year of hope. Still, we have seen a rapid rise in the Omicron cases. There has been a change period due to the pandemic, but one thing remains constant: the need for technicians. Besides, easyfixers are well-versed in precautionary measures while giving the best service possible without putting anyone at risk.

Our company makes sure that our staff is safe by keeping a record of each technician's health is all one needs in such difficult times. Thus, a technician company like easyfix is here that provides various technician benefits to all their technicians while keeping in mind the safety for both technician and the client.

Benefit packages help technicians to be more productive and keep them more dedicated to their work and happier as a result of perks being provided to them. The benefits easyfix provides to technicians are not restricted from keeping technicians happy but also keeping them and our clients safe from this Omicron. Everyone is aware of all the precautions people should take. But taking precautions while working as a team takes some tricks and training to protect both staff and clients in light of the Omicron variant. The training related to 'systematic methods' to be followed while working helps easyfixers manage the risks.

Take a look at the top technician benefits that potential field service workers look for and existing workers appreciate. Employee Benefits that easyfix provides to all its technicians are much needed by all the workers.

1. COVID 19 Vaccination

Each technician working on the field has to be fully vaccinated. So, the company has ensured that the technicians get vaccinated on time with ease.

2. Providing 'Systematic method' training.

Taking all measures is not as easy as it seems. So, easyfixers are trained in a way that no mistake is made. Sanitization and social distancing are never compromised. All the technicians need to maintain efforts and not let down guards, especially when all are waiting to find out precisely what risks Omicron may pose to one's health and the way COVID-19 may spread further.

3. Regular Covid Test

Regular testing is crucial to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. All the easyfixers get their COVID-19 test done regularly to reduce risks.

All the technicians are well aware that regular testing, vaccination, masking, and physical distancing protect everyone by reducing the chances of the spread of COVID-19.

Other Benefit Options

Many other benefits are being provided to all the easyfixers, which help them enhance their skills to be the best. Benefits such as:

  • Training sessions - Every newly hired technician must complete certificate training courses to make sure they can positively impact the client.
  • Police verification - A couple of legal requirements for satisfaction are needed.
  • Knowledge about technician work-life - A technician carries out mixed maintenance and fixing services, from maintaining the client's house to installing offices or gyms. All the technicians are always taught different tips and tricks that thoroughly help them know about all the technician tasks.
  • Keeping track of each technician's performance - Every technician's performance is judged using performance metrics like OTA, TAT, and NPS. After determining the inadequate performance and field in which one lacks behind, the training is provided in the required section to help them overcome their weaknesses.

Technicians must be aware of the benefits that would serve them best. The company is always open to talking to the technicians about things and benefits they require to be happy and feel safe with easyfix. Easyfixers serve all the clients, hence making it easy for them by providing them what is needed is the company's responsibility, and easyfix makes sure they do it right by making all the technicians feel valued and appreciated.