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How to be a professional Technician?

How to be a professional Technician?


How difficult is it to be a jack- of all trades? A technician must deal with different people in society, and keeping up with their expectations is difficult if you aren't well taught. Meeting customers' expectations while working in their house, office, gym, etc., is significant. There is competition; therefore, at easyfix, we pay importance to people whose skills make them stand out by being the best modern professional handyman with the right tools and not just a stereotypical handyman.

A professional handy management company strives hard to get their customers serviced by the best technical professional and good behavior. You gain the advantage of using accessible technology tools as companies are backed by powerful communications technology. Each technician must have good communication skills and information related to the product, its spare parts and fixing experience, industry knowledge, and where to get skills? What kind of tools to buy? And How do I expand my daily earnings?

The company's core focus has always been to solve the core problem of getting good, qualified technicians as per the commitment.

Like any other home service, Handyman services are going through a rapid adoption phase in the Indian market, especially during the Pandemic. Pandemic or not, there will always be maintenance-related technical issues, even when you least expect them.

Not all home issues are DIY; a handyman has the right equipment or the proper training to do the work safely and correctly. 

We make you a Professional fixer! 

Does fixing things interest you? Yes, connect with us as we offer online and offline training with step-by-step guidelines on the skills and details required to be the most effective professional technician.

  • Being a technician professional leads to a remarkable job.
  • Provides an edge in the job market.
  • End up being confident in your technician skills.
  • Skills required to become a handyman.
  • Acknowledge your responsibility as a technician.
  • Know essential technician equipment and tools needed.

If you excel around your house and have a panache for structuring, repairing, or constructing things, you can transform your interest into a lucrative profession. To change yourself into a professional technician, below are step-by-step instructions to join the easyfix family.

  1. Know all about handypersons- A handyman is a professional that carries out regular maintenance of a client's house, gym, or office. They are called to resolve maintenance issues and fix things, therefore also known as 'Mr. Fixers'. Handyman service provides a range of maintenance services based on their ability and customers' requirements. This can contain both interior and exterior professional capabilities, maintenance as well as fixing things.
  2. Get police verified yourself- The company understands the service ecosystem, and hence, there are a couple of legal requirements that you require to satisfy to be determined to become an easyfix handyman. So, sign up yourself with us to get police verification done before.
  3. Get a job as per your skills- Don't doubt your skills if you consider a professional job as a technician. Determine your unique skills; it could be anything painting, decorating, constructing, relocating heavy things, cleaning and maintaining spaces or yards, fixing items, or installing doors and windows.
  4. Obtain training sessions- After onboarding, every candidate must complete a certification training course to be entirely prepared to impact clients positively. The way one talks and behaves matters as customers are constantly fascinated looking for convenience; thus, technician service comes in handy.
  5. Keeping track of your efficiency- The company constantly keeps track of your performance using performance metrics like OTA, TAT, and NPS, and afterwards determining your inadequate performance and fields you are lacking behind and then providing training in the required sector and working on the weaknesses.

Why choose easyfix?

The company focuses on skill-intensive work; thus, learning new skills and enhancing them is always on its checklist. Training, targeting your weaknesses, and improving them is done regularly in a functional, systematic, and calculative fashion. It is budget-friendly for all with one of the most substantial profiles of 15 services; the company is expanding throughout the country. A few of our essential experiences include telecommunications, IT, Relocation, Modular kitchens, Sanitaryware, Smart house, Furniture, EV charging, and appliances. With adequate customer support, we provide professional handymen service. We deal with assisting brands to bridge gaps in their sales as well as in services. With nearly zero financial ROI on services, every brand and products are unique, and none loses reliability by not making the ideal choices for customers. 

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