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How to AVOID Hiring an Unreliable Handyman

How to AVOID Hiring an Unreliable Handyman


Today, would like to talk to people who have tried ‘DIY’ which didn’t turn out as expected, and to the ones who had a really bad experience with the technician they hired. 

A lot of people frequently complained about the unprofessionalism and unsatisfactory services provided by so-called handyman professionals. 

Sometimes, the handymen don’t keep up with their promises, didn’t have the required equipment, politeness, or took a lot longer time for a simple task. This can happen with anyone but is providing you with a guide that will help in hiring the best technicians for your project and avoid hiring unreliable ones. Hopefully, this blog will help you and your family avoid a situation like this one in the future.

Tips for hiring a reliable technician contractor:

  • Make sure that technicians are Police verified: It is very important to hire technicians who are police verified and licensed before letting them on the premises. Many overlook this factor, even though it’s one of the most important criteria to be taken under consideration while hiring a technician or a technician contractor for your house and office. It's important to check references before doing business with a technician or a company for the first time. You can't do anything after an incident occurs on your property. It will be too late.
  • Pay attention to the company’s public image: Never believe the company's claims of superiority; instead, listen to what their actual customers have to say. A few bad reviews are to be expected. No service provider can please all of their customers at the same time. Focus on the number of positive reviews instead of the number of negative ones. You can assume that a company with a large number of positive online reviews is well-run and has high-quality employees and that you can expect good results.
  • Reasonable Service costs: Cheap does not equate to reasonable. You cannot buy BMW for 1000 bucks. You must know that it’s a scam even if anyone claims to provide you with ‘The  Brand New BMW’ at this price. Similarly, Technician's services with ‘ Cheap cost’ may seem too good to be true. It's not cheap to have high standards. It's not cheap to run a legitimate business, and skilled technicians are aware of their value. Do your homework.
  • See if they are capable of providing all that they claim: Only a few people are capable of doing everything and doing it well at the same time. There is a common misconception that a handyman can do everything from replacing a roof to remodeling the bathroom. It's common for a good technician to have a range of skills, but not all of them. Employing technicians with a variety of skill sets is very crucial, as a good technician contractor will assign the one best-suited technician to your job. It's a good idea to check to see if they have an expert in the field you need. Don't just take their word for it and do some research. Check out user reviews on Google. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages and see what they've been up to. CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS AND DECIDE IF THEY APPEAR TRUE.
  • Don't forget to do your homework: Research the repair or remodel you want to have done before you hire someone to do it. Check out the website for quality repair, maintenance, installation, and relocation services. Check for this particular repair, what methods and techniques are being employed? Instagram and Facebook have a plethora of construction groups where industry experts are eager to share their knowledge and help you out with whatever you're looking to get done. You'll be better equipped to ask the right questions once you've gained some foundational knowledge. You'll be able to weed out the bad questions if you ask the right ones. It may save you from having to fix what the contractor you hired to fix broke. is a good place to start in your search for a trustworthy and competent technician. Say yes to Easyfix technicians and no to shady handymen. All technicians are licensed, police verified, and insured. At the same time, provide cost-effective services with the fastest delivery. 

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