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Home Office - A new global culture

Home Office - A new global culture


Coronavirus being a fatal infection has urged the public to keep up social distancing to restrict the virus’s spread. 

Covid cases are on a decline; since the launch of the Covid vaccination as individuals are now free to get vaccinated and in a low danger zone. Many offices continue to keep team’s working from home. Just like children are craving for School, many of us may want to work from the office. 

Stepping out of home and having social life has proven benefits for our mental health and physical health.

Being stuck in one spot with the same people or no people; can alter your mind and motivation. Resulting to feel low, anxious, and stressed and will have problems sleeping. 

If you plan to reset your mind set and make your life wonderful with your working hours, here are few things to do to keep it in check in your routine. Easy fix your lifestyle and shape your plans.

  1. Meditate: Meditation sets up a relationship between our inner and outer universes. It stirs the body and benefits all you are your life and arts of the conscious and subliminal layers of our psyche. It scientifically proven, and much research is done to believe that meditation improves the symptoms of anxiety, people have recovered from depression and much more. It is essence for effective meditation that you are surrounding by the right atmosphere for you. The environment that makes you happy will benefit you in long term. Get some wooden furniture and yellow lighting to set up your desired Meditation space. So, get your solace.
  2. Become Disciplined: Discipline is that magical push that gets you through the last hour of work without checking Facebook, the voice in your ear telling you to stick to your gym routine instead of heading to the bar, and the sheer willpower it takes not to click snooze when your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. People who are self-disciplined are not happier because they wake up earlier or go to the gym on time. They are happier because they have stability in their life, which allows them to eventually attain their goals. Which equals success. Which equals happiness.
  3. Join Online Dance Classes: There are many fitness classes online, but there can be nothing more entertaining than a dance class and you can never get bored of it. In one subscription with a popular service provider like Cult Fit you can engage your entire family into fitness and fun. Some of the famous dance forms that you can try Zumba/ Hip-Hop, Indian classical, Kathak, English classical, salsa, cha-cha-cha, tango, and others.
  4. Journaling: Writing a journal is a great way to manage negative thoughts. When we record our musings and sentiments, we think that it is simpler to manage. By keeping a diary, we will get a new viewpoint on specific things, improving physical and mental wellness. It enhances the working of the immune system. Make sure your environment is cool, and you do not get distracted when journaling. Maintain your Air conditioner at a comfortable temperature and electrical lighting to help you read and write better.
  5. Online Social Gatherings: COVID-19 taught the world that no meeting is restricted to time and space, everyone got used to the idea of meeting online over Zoom or Hangouts or teams. We know many such events, and perhaps you can pick up an idea from the below:

    i.) Javed Akhtar online concert for 300 people of Entrepreneurs Organisation Delhi chapter.
    ii.) Corporate parties and online engagement with games like online tombola, Find the item and communication games. 
    iii.) Online yoga day celebration, by calling a fitness expert to conduct class, meets online or share fitness goals. 

    It is suggested that you ignore other judgments about how productive you should be at this time in finding your rhythm. If you love to work, then you will get back to it in any case. Thinking about your happiness will help you avoid being frustrated. Set realistic short term and long-term goals. Take it easy every day and your output does not determine your worth. Trying to cram as much as possible into our days will not necessarily improve our mental health because it puts us under more stress. What matters most is that we pay attention to our minds and bodies and respond appropriately. It is okay if watching Netflix calms you down more than learning a new language. Do not overwork yourself. Take breaks. We understand that you may want to use this time for the deep cleaning of your house, but you can always seek help. Outsource such jobs to an agency or professional handyman and cleaning management agencies who can help you with daily clean-up and maintenance. 
  6. Do some cooking stuff: If you like cooking, then set up your kitchen by ordering necessary kitchen appliances, groceries, containers, set up vendor for milk and ask get Evok, Home Lane, Home town, Pepperfry, LivSpace or any other professional modular kitchen company to help you design and install a beautiful modular kitchen.
  7. Fix your sleep schedule: It might be challenging to get the appropriate amount of sleep our bodies require due to work stress, late hours, schoolwork, or simply habit. With no commitments to leave the house, now may be the best time to attempt crawling under the sheets earlier than usual. For your body always do the best, and do not compromise on the quality of mattress and pillow in use. The bed and furniture along with lighting and room air conditioner must be as per your best comfort.

In the difficult times of covid when you are asking an outsider to help you, take note they are verified as safe by a third party or should be able to provide their RC-PTR report. Must visit your home with PPE Kit and good customer service attitude.  Easy Fix is one such company, and there’s a reason why brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm trust to work with agencies.  India’s number 1 handymen outsourcing company with fastest TAT and largest network of prior skills certified professionals.