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Handyman Ecosystem - How has it changed over the years?

Handyman Ecosystem - How has it changed over the years?


The concept of the "handyman" has evolved in recent years. The goals of India's skills program are to change people's attitudes toward handyman occupations and to increase training capacity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a crucial commitment to creating possibilities for young workers. Home/office improvement companies are among those that are participating in the Skill India initiative and attempting to structure the largely fragmented handyman industry. Thus, it is high time to discuss handymen outsourcing businesses because they are an essential component of the entire ecosystem. Not because it is a blooming industry in which technology is generating disruptions in a highly unorganized market. But because we've all seen how standardization is attempting to control the chaos in this area.

We've all called a handyman from the neighbourhood to fix anything and everything at home/work. They undoubtedly fixed things well, but were they dependable, experienced, talented, or arrived on time? We have our doubts! Even though the traditional handymen accomplished all the 'jugaads' and lived up to expectations (to some measure), we felt cheated when they demanded a large sum of money.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a professional handyman and joining the now-organized business.

1. Reliability: Hiring an amateur contractor, who may be less expensive, may have more severe long-term repercussions. Before choosing a handyman service, evaluate their dependability. The handyman should be able to address the issue and assess how to best avoid any potential future issues, available for any queries you may have, even after job completion. You should only hire someone you can rely on. Easy Fix places high importance on your satisfaction and trust. We guarantee that in an emergency or concern, we respond quickly and reach you as soon as possible. We do not postpone initiatives as we are concerned with long-term success and would rather avoid potential future effects.

2. Equipped with Tools: EasyFix employs professional teams of expert handymen that are equipped with cutting-edge tools to supply you with the most efficient solutions. Our team never arrives prepared for any eventuality: with hammers, cordless drills, toolboxes, cordless circular saws, electrical testers, levels, screwdrivers, and other tools.

3. Excellent Customer-Relationship: An individual with strong interpersonal skills will be able to retain professionalism, comprehend your requests, convey updates and issues, and effectively address your worries about the project's projected success. EasyFix continously trains each handyman in communication abilities to avoid any uncertainty, misunderstandings, frustrations, and delays.

4. Careful in Task Completion: Enthusiasm for the task completion with proficiency is the mark of a superb handyman. Each handyman working with EasyFix offers a thorough answer to your problems. Each handyman considers it their duty to assist you in the best way possible. Before deciding on a solution, each handyman is tasked with seeking a thorough discussion of the project with the client and other members of the team to ensure that the service was up to mark.

5. Insured Team: Working with an insured handyman is a huge benefit for you. The insurance covers both the handyman and your property in the event of any unintentional injuries or damages.

Handymen are commonly hired by homeowners and business owners to assist with a variety of tasks. Many repair chores, such as carpentry and plumbing, as well as installations and repairs, may emerge over time. EasyFix is happy to provide you expert Handyman services that will exceed your expectations. For the greatest experience, we recommend our handyman services. We are based in Gurugram and have roots in 321 cities throughout the country. We are committed to delivering our clients top-quality services.