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Over the last 12 years, every single day, we are a People-first company. The culture the company wanted to build organically became a part of the employee's DNA. We understand Culture becomes a company’s DNA when all people can fluently speak the company’s core values, mission, and vision statements. It's neither simple nor straightforward or fast. A gradual process that works best when strategized and pre-planned. Culture, in simpler terms, is “mahaul” inside the four walls. How many people value communication over animosity and so on. Here are our top 6 picks about Culture that we practice, encourage and thrive on.

1 -Stress-free Work Environment: Provide a stress-free work environment. Firstly,we disregard bullying and inculcate a cordial work culture. Everyone needs to be treated with respect. An environment with respect for stakeholders ensures many people-related issues that crop up as the organization grows are staying under control. When every single member of the team is looked at as a vital member, and every single member’s idea, opinions, and concerts are valued - Who would not like to work in a stress-free environment? As inevitably all the companies are run by people, how people engage with each other inside the company can create a proud and thriving work culture. When people in an organization thrive for learning, many learning activities that help reduce stress can be organized; yoga lead group activities, practical communication sessions, effective listening, and meditation sessions. We do all of the above and much more. Get more stories on the actions by here. 

2 - Let All Learn Together: Those who learn together grow together. Creating a learning work environment where people learn from each other through experience sharing and feedback transparency. Being vulnerable and fostering and encouraging work environments while giving feedback, arranging development activities, and inspiring others by leading. When we encourage knowledge-sharing opportunities for teams in the organization, our best talents flourish. 
Trust is created, which serves as a catalyst for creativity and passion.

3 - A Humanistic Approach: Caring about others is awesome, and how much care is enough care? Care is when in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, easy provided assistance for its field team by arranging/ Essential services pass across 18 states.
Organizations care when they can somehow manage to ensure the physical security and wellbeing of its extended environment. Environments are usually related to people's social, personal, professional, health or family topics that need to be heard, understood and managed. When companies care for their people, they can contribute to reducing stress in people. Sometimes, just sending out inspirational emails does the job.
By putting in the time and effort, the company shows technicians that they are well taken care of. Increasing employee experience surely helps the organization develop a robust corporate culture.

4 - Freedom Living  At -  We encourage practices in a pet and children friendly office. As a culture, it’s exciting where companies encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Allowing Children can sometimes get messy and needs proper engagement planning. It also depends upon the office location and environment, allowing children to be away from the site while people work their daily tasks. Our 2 dogs, Mauna and Maksad bring so much positive energy to the office. It’s always better to not have many restrictions but rather just a handful of rules. Gathering feedback from internal resources by allowing a culture that encourages people to come up and speak their suggestions. In our open happy games, we would ask everyone to share the one thing they think should be done in the company to bring immediate results. We have received brilliant suggestions through these exercises and 

Cutting Edge Infrastructure : Best efforts can fail if smart people don't find basic needed resources, including IT, devices, software, staff, pantry, and similarly what allows the workplace to function productively. During the journey, when there were so many gaps to be bridged, we kept an eye on improving infrastructure that started with a basic version of all elements needed to run any organization. With the limited money we had, we decided to build a technician’s app much before an app for consumers. Basic infrastructure needs to allow people to share and communicate actively. A well-maintained infrastructure benefits everyone and allows them to use company tools to their advantage. This leads to faster and more effective problem-solving.

A company's image is, to a large extent, defined by its team and how big is the team. Good infrastructure draws clients and employees, and the company's great service and welcoming environment sustain the business.
A technician knows best fixing buildings; historically, being a technician is considered a lower-status occupation. Being a plumber, electrician, or carpenter and growing a career in the construction field was never as rewarding as it is today. With the emergence of large national chains and their focus on customer service, their efforts have made a change that has changed the perception of a typical local technician. We emphasize the professionalism required in performing at the trade and change the long-lasting reality by recognizing a set of technicians with talent, knowledge, and interpersonal skills. 
easy becomes a centralized technician contractor that provides technicians for individuals via corporates. The platform helps brands connect with the most demanded technicians anywhere in India, anytime round the clock. For others, it was not easy to be the most wanted one of all time. But for it is. As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work and learning to stand out. Thus, imperative to analyse each aspect of the services being provided. Including the quality of technical people required for working with premium customers to offer the best service as a brand.
The websites connect potential customers. easy grants the exclusive right to take service orders within a specific geographical area. We work on small dwellings or commercial projects, claiming benefits such as having reliable and licensed professionals. Service appointments can be scheduled for full-time and part-time technicians to visit and complete the allocated handy tasks.
Brands have access to better and speedier after-sale technician services. Technicians will cover a wide range of tasks that range from minor to major, from unskilled to highly skilled, and include: Install and Uninstall appliances, Automobile, Electrical, Interior/Exterior Painting, Home Automation, Fabricated Window, Electronic Vehicle, Furniture, Hardware, Smart Home, Modular Kitchen, Property Maintenance, Move-In & Move-Out, Sanitary Ware, Rooftop Solar, Sanitaryware, Kitchen and Bath Fixtures, Modular Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Upholstery and Sofa, Bi-Cycles, Hobs and Chimney, Large Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, and Home Lighting. Those who enjoy taking care of your lovely construction tasks can be found on They have recently launched express home maintenance services in a few cities.
A company's image attracts clients and workers, but its quality service and friendly environment make them stay. easy always do best to earn Industry trust and support. Providing a pleasant work culture to your team can encourage knowledge sharing and better outcomes.