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5 reasons - focus on your buyer’s After-Sale Handyman experience:

5 reasons - focus on your buyer’s After-Sale Handyman experience:


One thing that keeps your customers loyal is efficiency of your after sales service delivery and the experience your buyers get. Making it quite essential for the manufacturers to not solely focus on R&D department for making your machines; faster, better and to increase sales but also provide your customers with a trusted and memorable post sale warranty experience. No matter how greatly Brands market themselves because of the public reputation, and that done through media, marketing and advertisement campaigns. A bad post-sale warranty experience, coz it is threatening for a company’s future, every Brand wants to improve its buyer’s experience at store or home. How you treat your customers after sales also indicates the reality of brand credibility. Here are some additional reasons to focus on your buyer’s post sale warranty experience.

The loyalty of customer for the Brand:

The loyalty of your consumers depends upon your loyalty to them, how much you value their time. Which is evaluated through the TAT in which postsale, the warranty service gets completed. When your customer service delivery teams reconnect with buyers who need the product installed or repaired or reinstalled, they also get a chance to understand your company better. At that time on-site one can; cross-sell, upsell, ask for references, build trust for the brand and retain customers for a lifetime.  Today, your customers are busier than ever a satisfactory product installation, repair and warranty experience meets their expectations.

Future and Lifecycle of the brand:

When providing your customers with a satisfactory post sale warranty services experience, the future of your brand also gets secure as this loyal customer base spreads only good WOM. Siemens is a  classic example and how it’s consumer’s swear on Siemen’s after sale service quality. After a customer is satisfied with the warranty service, for installation, uninstallation or repairs, he is likely to recommend your brand for excellent handyman services delivered on time.   Such consumers do not switch, as everyone does not prefer switching to a new brand and experimenting with money unless they are unhappy/ unsatisfied with your product or service.

Create Brand’s goodwill: There is no better way of creating a goodwill with your customer other than helping him have a memorable warranty experience, everything on time. May the quality of a product sometimes might not in par with the latest technology of competition to satisfy the customer, a memorable handyman experience would be a good start to create  brand goodwill.

Out running competitors:

Good customer service, meaning proactive handyman delivery on TAT and then No matter where your product manufacturing stands in comparison to your competitors, you can still outrun your competitors by providing an experience that Indian consumer usually find hard to get. All your existing and new customers now get a satisfying post sale warranty service experience, get a free demo here to know more about providing personalized experiences post sale of consumer durables and appliances.

Soars Profit:

When all the above is happening, and your customers are spreading WOM in this era of social media, caring for your customers will indirectly soar up your profits, as customers get a reason to recommend your product to friends, family and others. As word of mouth is known as one of the most powerful marketing tools, the happy customers are likely to recommend your product to the others, and according to a survey, people are more likely to purchase certain products, such as Digital Machine, Furniture, Small appliances, large appliances and similar when recommended by others.