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Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine makes our life easy, saves a lot of time and helps us wear fresh and hygienic clothes. However, there are times even our washing machines need some care and washing machine repair.

Washing Machines stir clothes rapidly in lathering water until they're clean. Further, clean water rinses get rid of the soap, making them tidy by removing all dirt and stains.

Who needs a Washing Machine Repair?

Individuals and corporations use Washing machines alike. Individuals use washing machines for their homes. Corporations like hotels, guest houses, residential schools and group housings use washing machines for their customers and residents.

Both individuals and corporations need washing machine repair services to ensure the services carry on uninterrupted.

Are you a Washing Machine Manufacturer or Seller?

If you are part of a setup that manufactures or sells washing machines, you would also need to offer the washing machine repair to your customers. Manufacturing washing machines require a high degree of engineering excellence. Similarly, selling washing machines requires a thorough understanding of market dynamics.

Washing Machine Repair is a different ball game as one needs to create an army of service engineers that can provide on-site washing machine repair to customers.

How do Conventional Brands provide Washing Machine Repair?

The conventional brands either hire a few technicians who cater to washing machine repair requests or use the services of local technicians to attend to the customers. Hiring the technicians restricts the brands to offer washing machine repair services to a broader geography. Similarly, using the services of local technicians limits the service quality and geography.

How do Individuals avail Washing Machine Repair?

Individuals usually depend on the brands till the warranty period is valid. Post-warranty expiry, individuals trust word of mouth and online search to find technicians for washing machine repair. As a result, they often get substandard service and end up spoiling their spoiling machines.

How do the modern brands offer Washing Machine Repair?

Modern sellers and manufacturers of washing machines focus on their core business and outsource the washing machine service to the experts. Some of India's leading consumer durable companies, e-commerce players and electronics shops use the services of Easy Fix to offer on-site washing machine repair services to their customers.

How does Easy Fix offer Washing Machine Repair?

Easy Fix has developed core expertise in offering repair and maintenance services across the country. Easy Fix provides brands with a scalable Plug and Play model using Easy Fix as their extended service arm.

How Does Easy Fix Work?

Easy Fix offers handyman expertise on hire. Here are some advantages of Easy Fix offerings:

  • Verified Technicians
    Easy Fix recruits the best technicians for services like washing machine repair. Each technician undergoes an extensive background verification and experience check. As a result, every job assignment is an assurance. 
  • Agreed Upon Work Quality
    Easy Fix offers a service level agreement to the corporations with the agreed-upon work quality. Brands can rest assured that every customer gets the same level of service with complete transparency, feedback and audit.
  • Guaranteed Service
    Even in the severe circumstances when the entire country was going through the pandemic, Easy Fix produced 87.32% on-time arrival and service completion.
  • Quick Decisions
    Brands get access to order wise details and dashboards to make informed and quick decisions based on the performance, customer feedback, requirements and other parameters.

Can Individuals also get Easy Fix Services?

Yes, Individuals may also avail the professional services offered by Easy Fix. Individuals can book services like washing machine repair on the Easy Fix website by describing the requirement, choosing a convenient time slot and providing contact details

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