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TV Installation and Repair

TV Installation and Repair

Are you a consumer durables company that sells electronics like televisions or an online or offline distributor that sells electronic products like Televisions?

What consumes your bandwidth is the tasks like TV installation and TV repair. It takes a lot of effort to build expertise around manufacturing, promoting and selling electronics and consumer durables. However, offering last-mile support to consumers around TV installation, TV repair is a different ball game altogether.

TV Installation is the moment of truth for the end consumers. Once they purchase a television, the first interaction with the brand they have is via installation. Brands and sellers have a few choices when it comes to organising TV installations. They may tie up with local handyman professionals and small agencies. However, the local handyman does not offer a consistent brand experience to the consumers. Accounting is another issue as local technicians need cash, prices vary across cities and states.

Similarly, TV repair is an event the end consumers want to feel safe. Any experience that does not provide the comfort that the brand promised results in dissonance and dissatisfaction.

If brands use local technicians, chances of brand spoiling customer satisfaction are high.

The other option that brands have is to build their squad of technicians. However, it is akin to building another organisation, hiring, training, processes, improvements. It needs a different skill set than the original organisation.

Today's innovative brands focus on their core expertise of building great products, promoting and marketing them. They outsource the non-core processes to reliable partners who deliver the same experience as that of the brand.

Easy Fix is India's leading name when it comes to handyman outsourcing. Easy Fix helps top manufacturers, online and physical retailers to deliver TV installation and TV repair services across the country as per the agreed terms.

Easy Fix provides brands with the following assurances:

  1. Background Verified Professionals
    Easy Fix hires the best handyman professionals and technicians for jobs like TV installation, TV repair, furniture and niche areas like EV charging and rooftop solar. Each technician goes through skill and police verification to ensure complete peace of mind for service delivery.
  2. Consistent Service Quality
    Brands get a consistent agreed-upon service quality with Easy Fix. Easy Fix acts as an extension of the brand's service team and represents the brand in front of the customers. Brands can get the same experience for other services like furniture, repair, maintenance and niche areas.
  3. Guaranteed Turn Around Time
    Easy Fix assures next day or agreed-upon service delivery timelines with 100% customer attendance. Today Easy Fix has achieved more than 85% of jobs within TAT in 341 cities across the country. Easy Fix handyman uses proprietary mobile apps to get real-time information on the job and keep the brand team updated.
  4. Complete Transparency
    Brands get access to order wise details and dashboards to make real-time decisions regarding handyman jobs. The information enables brands to decide on factors like employing resources and improving products based on the data around TV installation, TV repair and other services that the brand ties up with Easy Fix. 
  5. Continuous Improvement
    The pre and post-training delivery modules understand what consumers of India want today. The training programs help technicians to improve and offer better services. Easy Fix runs more than 40 training centres across 16 cities in India.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for services like TV installations, TV repair and other services? Sign up with Easy Fix, India's leading handyman outsourcing provider, which offers customer service across the country. Extend your service team with Easy Fix and improve your customer satisfaction scores and focus on building your core business strength.


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