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RO Repair Service Near Me

RO Repair Service Near Me

RO is today an accepted noun for reverse osmosis water purifiers. The RO machine removes ions, unwanted molecules and harmful particles from drinking water using a partially permeable membrane. Looking at the groundwater quality in India, an RO water purifier has become a mandatory appliance in every home that can afford it.

Having an RO water purifier at home means having benefits like:

  1. The water we drink does not contain the dissolved heavy metals.
  2. The process gives us one of the purest forms of water.
  3. The water we drink does not harm our skin and digestive system.
  4. RO purification removes high levels of Total dissolved Solids (TDS) and gives sweet tasting water.

An RO purification machine needs a regular RO repair. The RO appliance uses filters and membranes that get stained with the usage and need to be replaced or cleaned. Moreover, with the evolving technology, the top manufacturers have been adding sophisticated sensors and technologies that make the RO repair job even more intricate.

Are you a Manufacturer or Seller of RO Purifiers?

If you represent a brand or a seller of RO purifiers, you would understand the importance of RO repair. The brands focus on making better appliances, marketing them and ensuring their placement. However, the RO repair needs a dedicated workforce with a different skill set altogether.

How Traditional Brands Offer RO Repair?

RO Repair is a critical customer interface for brands. However, brands find it difficult to offer these services across the country. A few brands try to find local technicians and agencies for the RO Repair services. This strategy often backfires as the service quality is not consistent with the brand experience. Moreover, the brand team needs to arrange petty cash and create backups for technicians. It is like fighting a war without modern technology.

The New Age Brands leverage Tie-Ups

The new-age manufacturers and sellers focus on their core competencies and leverage the power of outsourcing. India's top brands partner with Easy Fix, India's leading handyman outsourcing platform.

Easy Fix offers RO Repair, furniture and niche services like EV charging, rooftop solar, modular kitchen, gym equipment, appliances and installations.

How Easy Fix Works?

Easy Fix is an online platform to enable corporations and individuals to get access to the professional handyman. Easy Fix has a decade of experience working with corporations as an extension of their service teams. Here is how Easy Fix works:

  1. Hires the Best
    Easy Fix recruits the best technicians and makes them undergo complete experience and background police verification. 
  2. Easy Bookings
    Corporates can get an annual maintenance agreement with Easy Fix and get one-click access to technicians anywhere across India at a pre-define turnaround time. Individuals may also book technicians like RO repair using the Easy Fix website by describing the requirement and choosing the convenient date and time.
  3. Assured Service Quality
    Brands get an assured service quality. The technicians become an extended arm of the brand's service team and offer the same experience.
  4. Complete Transparency
    Easy Fix offers every order wise detail and dashboards to help the brand teams make informed decisions. Brands also get access to complete accounting, reports and the latest updates.
  5. Guaranteed Service
    Easy Fix enters a service level agreement that assures a guaranteed service to the consumer.
  6. Consistent Improvement 
    Training is a consistent facility at Easy Fix. Technicians undergo training across 40 training centres in 16 cities to understand the latest technologies and customer service.

Use the Easy Fix Advantage Now

Leverage the advantage of outsourcing by leaving RO repair and other services to Easy Fix. Reach out to Easy Fix to get a demonstration of the outsourcing model in your business environment.

Reach us for a Quick Demonstration

Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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