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Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Every corporation depends on the repair and maintenance work to run its operations smoothly. Most companies can manage the repair and maintenance work within their factories or offices. Managing repair and maintenance at the customer locations has been a known challenge.

For instance, an EV charging company may have in-house technicians that look at the repair and maintenance work at their base locations. However, if the same company supplies the EV charging to companies and individuals, round the clock service of technicians at client locations is needed. Managing such a workforce and systems requires investments.

Who needs Repair and Maintenance?

Every manufacturer of appliances, equipment and facilities requires repair and maintenance services for their customers. Some businesses hire technicians to render these services. However, this strategy limits their presence to specific locations. The companies using the local handyman professionals face frequent complaints about sub-par service quality and issues in arranging petty cash.

How do the Leading Brands Manage Service for their Customers?

The leading brands focus on their core expertise of manufacturing or selling products like appliances and pieces of equipment. Manufacturing and selling is a huge business area that needs dedicated monitoring and management. Patents, raw materials, running factory, assembly lines, understanding the market, pricing and promotion need a complete focus.

Extending service at the customer's location is a different ball game- build a workforce of trained technicians, create similar models across all the service locations, set up processes and technology to track orders. These requirements restrict growth.

India's leading manufacturers, online and offline retailers are using the services of Easy Fix to bridge the gap between their sales and service. Easy Fix provides a ready service infrastructure that brands can use to offer on-site service, extended warranty, repair and maintenance all over the country with a single agreement with Easy Fix.

How Easy Fix Works?

Easy Fix is a technology-driven platform that connects brands, technicians and efficient processes and systems to manage on-site services. Here is how Easy Fix works.

  1. Easy Fix Recruits the Best Technicians
    Easy Fix recruits the best technicians after verifying the technical knowledge, experience and detailed police verification. Ensuring professionals and technicians attend to your customers.
  2. Trains the Technicians
    Easy Fix operates across more than 341 cities across the country. It runs 40 training centres spread across the country to ensure the technicians are ready with the latest knowledge and represent the brand.
  3. Processes for Transparent Accounting
    Easy Fix offers standard pricing for all locations across the country along with agreed-upon service quality. Brands get access to an online platform that allows access to invoices and order wise details.
  4. Delivers Consistent Service Quality
    Brands get guaranteed service completion for every order. Easy Fix maintains a 99.99% dashboard and API uptime along with on-time service completion records.

    Easy Fix uses proprietary apps and CRM tools to ensure real-time information flow between brand teams and the technicians.
  5. Dashboards and Customer Feedbacks for Decisions
    Brand teams get access to live dashboards, order wise tracking and customer feedback to help them make informed decisions.
  6. Audit for Continuous Process Improvements
    Every order goes through an audit process under the central business unit. The audit ensures continuous process improvement and high customer satisfaction for the brands.  

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Easy Fix offers a complimentary demo of the "plug and play" service offerings in the local business environment. Try Easy Fix services for superior service to customers, save cost and boost business growth.

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