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Refrigerator Repair Near Me

Refrigerator Repair Near Me

A refrigerator is an integral part of every modern home. A life without a fridge is like going back to the neanderthal era. Similarly, all grocery shops, restaurants, ice cream parlours and a host of other storage businesses depend on refrigeration. Refrigerator repair is thus an essential requirement for homes and corporations alike.

Individuals need refrigerator repair for their homes, a service that can't wait as modern kitchens depend on refrigeration to store food products.

Corporations in food, food logistics, grocery, medicines and restaurants need constant refrigeration to run their business. They need a real-time refrigerator repair. Offices need refrigerator repair, as every office has a fridge for their employees.

How do Individuals avail of Refrigerator Repair?

Traditionally, individuals searched for refrigerator repair near me if their product is out of warranty. Many have complained that once a refrigerator undergoes repair from shady technicians, it is never as good. Easy Fix provides individuals with top-rated technicians for refrigerator repair. Individuals can visit the Easy Fix website, describe the problem, choose a suitable time, provide contact details and addresses to avail the services of expert professionals. These professionals are background verified for complete safety at homes.

How do Brands avail of Refrigerator Repair?

Brands that need refrigeration recruited technicians to look after their refrigerators and freezers, limiting their presence to the areas serviced by the in-house technicians. A few other brands searched for local technicians that could offer refrigerator repair and used their services. Job satisfaction remained a concern along with a limited geographical presence.

Modern brands use the services of Easy Fix for refrigerator repair while they focus on their core business. Easy Fix works with India's top brands as an extension of their service team to manage their offices, demo units, shops and customer locations.

How Easy Fix does it?

Easy Fix has more than ten years of expertise in working with corporations and brands for handyman outsourcing. Easy Fix offers niche services like refrigerator repair, EV charging, rooftop solar, gym equipment, furniture, installations, repair and electrical work.

Here are a few Easy Fix Advantages.

  1. Verified Technicians
    Easy Fix recruits the best technicians, conducts a thorough background check for their skill and experience. The technicians also undergo police background verification to ensure the complete safety of customers. The refrigerator repair was never as satisfactory and safe.
  2. Guaranteed Service
    Brands can enter an annual maintenance agreement with Easy Fix, book orders online and get guaranteed service for work like refrigerator repair. Easy Fix has a track record of 87.32% OTA. Similarly, individuals can access the professional technicians and guaranteed service by booking their requests on the Easy Fix website.
  3. Transparent Accounting
    Brands do not need to manage petty cash. Easy Fix provides brands with standard pricing that is valid across the country. The order wise details for jobs like refrigerator repair and bills are accessible on the shared portal. Brand teams also get access to dashboards that help them to make informed decisions.
  4. Plug and Play Services
    Unlike the traditional models, brands can plug and play Easy Fix services and expand their offerings to new geographical regions. Easy Fix operates across 341 cities in India for niche services and offerings like refrigerator repair.
  5. The focus on Training and Improvements 
    Easy Fix has a constant focus on training and improvements. Over 40 training centres train the technicians in the latest tools, customer handling and representing respective brands. Every order goes through a central unit for audit and improvement.

Are you a brand that is looking for scalable services for a refrigerator repair? Look no further than Easy Fix, an extension of your service team.

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Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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