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Maintenance Work

Every corporation and home needs regular maintenance work to stay in top shape. While individual homes need maintenance work on plumbing, furniture, electricity and civil work. Corporations have distinct requirements for maintenance work as per the niche they operate. Apart from the regular chore of maintaining their office and demo locations, corporations need maintenance work for the products they sell.

What does maintenance work cover?

Maintenance work covers hygiene jobs like electrical repairs, furniture repairs and plumbing repairs. It also covers the niche areas like EV charging, rooftop solar, modular kitchen, gym equipment, appliances and demonstrations.

Do you manufacture or sell products?

Are you a manufacturer or seller of products that need regular maintenance work? No one else would understand the value of a good maintenance job. A customer needs complete satisfaction and quick service delivery. While selling and manufacturing needs dedicated expertise, maintenance work requires corporations to build a separate workforce and systems.

How do Conventional Brands offer Maintenance Work?

Traditional brands like to do everything on their own, a typical control based organisational system. They hire a few technicians who can render the maintenance work. However, this arrangement limits the reach of such corporations.

Organisations also tend to partner with local handyman professionals on an ad-hoc basis, compromising quality and running around for petty cash and local accounting.

How do Modern Brands offer Maintenance Work?

Some of the top manufacturers and sellers use the services of Easy Fix to extend their maintenance work and service using Easy Fix's expertise.

What is Easy Fix?

Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing provider with over ten years of experience working with niche brands and helping them to bridge the gap between sales and service delivery. Easy Fix recruits, manages, trains and monitors technicians to help brands deliver a dependable service experience.

How Easy Fix Delivers Maintenance Work?

Brands can get into an annual agreement with Easy Fix and access applications for placing maintenance work requests. A technician is assigned based upon experience, ratings, certifications and skill set using the advanced machine learning algorithms. Easy Fix also provides complete customer care support, training and audit to manage a high customer satisfaction score.

What are the advantages of using Easy Fix?

  1. Sell and Support Anywhere
    Easy Fix allows brands to sell and support anywhere in India with the freedom to plug and play the support services from Easy Fix. Currently, Easy Fix serves more than 349 locations across the country.
  2. Trusted Technicians.
    Every technician recruited by Easy Fix has to undergo an experience check and thorough police background certification. This process ensures safety and peace of mind for every consumer.
  3. Committed Work Quality
    When brands partner with Easy Fix, they rest assured of consistent service delivery. Easy Fix ensures 100% of orders attended to within the stipulated time frame. 99.99% API and Dashboard uptime and 87.32% OTA are testimony to the work quality of Easy Fix.
  4. Monitoring
    Brand teams get access to proprietary tools to check the details of every order. They also get access to dashboards that help them make informed decisions based upon customer touchpoints.
  5. Trained Resources
    Easy Fix runs over 40 training centres in 16 cities across India for a fast knowledge transfer. The constant knowledge transfer ensures a consistent work quality that stands for your brand.
  6. Audit and Improvements
    Each order goes through the audit process. The business management team ensures data accuracy through an integrated CRM solution, 100% homegrown to meet your daily reporting needs.

Can brands get a Demo of Easy Fix Services?

Yes, Brands can get a demo of Easy Fix maintenance work and other services by simply filling the below form.

How do Individuals get access to Easy Fix Services?

Individuals can book orders using this website and get experienced professionals for their homes.

Reach us for a Quick Demonstration

Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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