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Maintenance Repair

Maintenance Repair is an integral part of every corporation's work. It takes centre stage when it is about supporting maintenance and repair for their customers. A brand needs to offer maintenance repair often at the site, making it even more challenging.

For instance, a leading gym equipment seller needs to offer regular maintenance repair services to their customers. The inability to provide maintenance repair services restricts the geographical expansion plan.

Who needs Maintenance Repair?

Individuals need maintenance repair services for the equipment they use like water purifiers, geyser, AC and modular kitchen.

Corporations need maintenance repair services to maintain their office locations and support their customers. Manufacturers and sellers of gym equipment, EV charging, rooftop solar, air conditioners, modular kitchens, furniture and appliances need to offer on-site maintenance repair to the end consumers.

Are you a provider of maintenance repair services?

Are you a manufacturer or seller who needs to offer maintenance repair services to customers? How do you ensure the quality and timeliness of every service order?

While some corporations rely on in-house resources, they can offer services to specific geographies only. Few corporations also use the services of local handyman professionals, ensuring quality and timely service remains a challenge.

Is there a better way?

Some of India's leading manufacturers and sellers use the services of Easy Fix to offer maintenance repair services to their customers. Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing provider that enables swift advantages to corporations. Some advantages are:

  1. Plug and Play Operations
    Easy Fix offers maintenance repair services in more than 349 cities across India. Corporations can get into an agreement and start using Easy Fix services in a matter of days. Technicians deliver the brand's service standard and communication after rigorous training by Easy Fix. Brands can choose which geographical areas they want to cover for their operations and get started.
  2. Transparent Accounting
    Brands need to manage petty cash and advance payments for local technicians for maintenance repair jobs. Easy Fix offers transparent accounting with standard pricing for operations across the country. Brands have reported immense savings when they work with Easy Fix. Brand Teams get access to invoices and order wise details for their accounting and audit purposes.
  3. Guaranteed Service
    Easy Fix offers guaranteed service commitment to the corporate teams, a proven execution strategy with 99.99% API-dashboard uptime and an 87.32% OTA. Easy Fix assures response to every service request, allocates a technician for on-time service with matching skills, tools and certifications.
  4. Trusted Technicians
    Brands and Consumers can rest assured with Easy Fix. Easy Fix recruits a technician after a diligent experience check and police background verification process. Further, every technician is assigned to order using an advanced machine learning algorithm based on feedback, experience and skillset.
  5. Swift Decision Making
    Brands need the information to decide upon maintenance repair services, geographical spread and product features based on customer feedback and usage. Easy Fix provides order wise details, feedback and access to dashboards for informed decision making.

Can individuals also access the maintenance repair services from Easy Fix?

Yes, individuals can access maintenance repair and other services from Easy Fix by booking their requests on this website. Customers can describe their requirements, choose a convenient time slot and provide contact details for the technicians to contact them. Easy Fix customer care takes care of all the coordination and completion.

Is there a Demo available?

Yes, brands can get a demonstration for Easy Fix plug and play services in their work environment. To get a demo, fill the below form. Easy Fix will reach out to you at the earliest.

Reach us for a Quick Demonstration

Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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