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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

How do you look at an Extended Warranty? For most brands, it's an excellent sales tool and a mechanism for customer satisfaction. Many times we see brands coming up with festive campaigns offering extended warranties. Consumers look at extended warranty as to the brand's confidence in their product quality.

What does an Extended Warranty cover?

Most appliances and equipment come with a standard warranty, ranging from 1 year to 10 years. A television usually comes with a year's guarantee, whereas geysers and kitchen chimneys have three years or more of warranty bundled along with them.

An extended warranty increases the brand's liability to ensure that consumers enjoy their products uninterrupted. While it may not guarantee everything in a product, the extended warranty does cover the critical parts of a product. Some examples of extended warranty are:

  1. The panel in an LED TV
  2. The filament in a geyser
  3. The compressor in an air conditioner
  4. Solar panels in rooftop solar
  5. The motor in the gym equipment

Do you offer an Extended Warranty?

Are you a manufacturer or a seller that offers a warranty along with the products? You would acknowledge that guaranteeing is a serious commitment and cost. Brands need to create an entire army of technicians to ensure customers do not face problems while utilising the extended warranty.

How do the Brands offer Extended Warranty?

The conventional brands create an in-house team of technicians to help the customers when they wish to use the warranty clause. However, this approach limits their presence to a specific geographic area which their technicians can cover.

A few brands use the services of local technicians. As a result, they face frequent complaints about the work quality along with restricted reach.   

How do the Leading Brands offer Extended Warranty?

The leading brands focus on their core business, to focus on manufacturing excellence, selling efficiently. They outsource their service delivery. Some of India's top brands use the services of Easy Fix to create a high-speed delivery organisation that can offer its services anywhere in the country.

Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing platform, helping corporations bridge the gap between sales and service. Easy Fix offers a ready to use service platform, including an extended warranty for their consumers.

Why Easy Fix?

Easy Fix is India's leading platform for handyman outsourcing. The technology platform has a decade of experience enabling brands with niche products and services like gym equipment, rooftop solar, EV charging, demo, installations, repair, maintenance, appliances and facilities.

Easy Fix helps bridge the gap between a brand's sales and service by creating a plug and play service model.

How Easy Fix Works?

Easy Fix platform connects the brand sales team with the service expertise, enabling brands to offer service and extended warranty at any location across the country without sweating about the logistics and systems.

The Easy Fix Advantage

Here are some advantages of outsourcing service and managing extended warranty via Easy Fix.

  1. Instant Access to Nationwide Market
    Easy Fix covers more than 341 cities across the country. Brands get ready to use infrastructure to extend their services and offerings like extended warranties.
  2. Guaranteed Service
    Easy Fix attends every order within the stipulated time frame, offering 99.99% dashboard uptime and 87.32% OTA.
  3. Standard Quality and Pricing
    Unlike the local technicians, once a brand outsources the service to Easy Fix, the quality and pricing remain consistent across the country.
  4. Transparent Systems  
    When brands offer an extended warranty to their customers via Easy Fix, they get transparent systems. Brands have real-time access to order tracking, accounting and dashboards. Dashboards help the brands to make informed decisions.

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