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Chimney Installation

Chimney Installation

A kitchen chimney is an appliance that keeps our kitchen air clean and prevents breathing problems. It vents out smoke, grease-filled air and moisture from the kitchen.

Chimney removes the microscopic particles known as PM or particulate matter. These particulates can be solid or liquid and are 1 mm to 10 mm in diameter. These particulate matters consist of substances used while making food like water vapour, smoke, oil fumes, food. These particulates can cause respiratory diseases in the absence of proper ventilation or chimney.

Thus Chimney installation prevents us from respiratory and other diseases.

Are you a Chimney Manufacturer or Seller?

Do you represent a brand that manufactures kitchen chimneys or a reseller? Manufacturing chimneys need expertise in technology, patents and development. Similarly, a reseller needs to understand the market and offer the placement, distribution and pricing strategies.

Chimney installation, on the other hand, is a different set of expertise. An end consumer could be living anywhere across the country. One needs to provide chimney installation at the doorstep. Managing technicians, training, ensuring availability throughout the country is an organisation building from scratch.

How do Traditional Brands offer Chimney Installation?

The traditional brands offer chimney installation services on their own. They create a setup of technicians who serve specific geography and tie-up with local technicians and small agencies to cover the other regions. This model is not scalable as the local handyman professionals do not offer the brand's service levels as quality varies from one technician to another. Brands also need to manage petty cash and manually gather information on customer orders. It's a constant battle.

The New-Age Brands use the Power of Technology. 

The new-age manufacturers and resellers leverage technology and outsource the chimney installation and repair. They focus on their core expertise to manufacture and sell the chimneys.

The top brands in India tie up with Easy Fix to deliver chimney installations across the country. Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing company that offers services like chimney installation, chimney repair, furniture, niche services like EV charging, rooftop solar, gym equipment and appliances.

The Easy Fix Advantage.

Easy Fix has more than a decade of experience working with corporations in helping them serve their customers. Here are some advantages that Easy Fix offers.

  1. Best Handyman Professionals
    Easy Fix ensures the availability of the best technicians by a rigorous experience and background verification process. Every technician from Easy Fix is guaranteed expert and on-time service.
  2. Guaranteed Service
    Easy Fix undertakes service level agreements with corporations with guaranteed availability technicians for chimney installation and other services. 100% of customers get attended with order completion within TAT.
  3. Consistent Service Quality
    Easy Fix understands the brand requirements and provides rigorous training to the technicians for consistent service quality in sync with the brand ethos.
  4. Transparent Accounting
    Unlike the local handyman professionals, Easy Fix offers standard pricing across the country with transparent accounting. The Easy Fix portal provides access to complete accounting.
  5. Order Level Clarity
    Easy Fix offers details on every order and access to dashboards that help the brand teams to make quick decisions.
  6. Scalable Operations 
    Brands can scale their operations in a matter of days with Easy Fix. Once a brand decides to serve a specific region for service like chimney installation, Easy Fix will offer its expert services. Easy Fix currently serves 341 cities in India.

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Get a live demonstration of Easy Fix's outsourcing model in your business environment. Contact Easy Fix now. Easy Fix also offers its services to individuals. Individuals can visit the Easy Fix website, describe the requirement and choose a convenient time slot to book the service.

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Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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