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Carpenter Near Me

The services of a carpenter are one of the few essential services corporations and individuals require alike. A corporation needs the services of a carpenter to ensure all offices, demonstration units, service centres and consumer products are up and running. Similarly, an individual searches for a carpenter near me to set up new furniture at home or repair existing ones.

Furniture stores and manufacturers also need carpenters to provide installation and repair services at the customer premises.

Do you represent a furniture store or manufacturer?

If you manage a furniture store or a brand that deals in-home or office furniture, you would appreciate that creating or selling furniture requires a lot of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market and requirements. However, providing last-mile installations and repairs at customer premises is a different story. One needs to set up a business unit that hires carpenters and enables systems and processes to ensure they reach customers when they search for carpenters near me or raise a service request.

How Traditional Brands Manage it?

The traditional brands that deal in furniture cater to a specific geography and hire carpenters who provide on-premise repair and installations. Some brands also have tie-ups with local carpenters to offer these services. There are several limitations to this model. Firstly, the operations are not scalable as the brand's reach is limited to the specific geography they can cover. Secondly, they are unable to offer a consistent service quality that their customers expect. The other issues are managing petty cash and negotiating with local carpenters.

How do Modern Brands operate on a Bigger Scale?

Modern brands focus on their core expertise to manufacture the latest types of equipment that involve furniture work or to sell equipment effectively by understanding the market. They outsource the installation and repair services to expert organisations. Some of India's top brands partner with Easy Fix to offer installation and repair services for their customers anywhere across India.

Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing company that helps brands extend their service offerings with absolute scalability and transparency. When a customer registers a service request or searches for a carpenter near me, Easy Fix does end to end facilitation on behalf of the brand.

Here is How Easy Fix Adds Value.

  1. Make Operations Scalable
    Brands can add any geography in India to their service bucket. They can plug and play services with Easy Fix, which manages handyman operations across 341 cities in India. The Easy Fix team trains the carpenters and technicians to offer the brands' service and offerings the way the brand would like.
  2. Consistent Service Quality
    Easy Fix offers guaranteed service delivery, the fastest turnaround time and consistent service quality that mirrors the brand. Easy Fix operates 40 training centres across 16 cities in India to ensure consistent service quality when a customer searches for a carpenter near me.
  3. Complete Transparency
    1. Brands save petty cash by ensuring standard pricing across India with Easy Fix.
    2. Brands experience complete transparency, order wise details, access to order management, invoices and dashboards. The dashboards help brand teams to make informed business decisions.
  4. Customer Satisfaction
    By offering consistent and on-time service, brands increase customer satisfaction. Customers are more likely to refer them to their friends and family and buy more from the brand.

Every time a customer buys from you, searches for a carpenter near me or raises a service request for the products you sell, offer them a great customer experience by partnering with Easy Fix.

Easy Fix also offers these services to individuals who can book using the Easy Fix website by describing the requirement and choosing a convenient time slot.

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Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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