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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Modern enterprises focus on the core competency while outsourcing the non-core activities like maintenance of shops and equipment.

For Instance, A gym equipment manufacturer runs a factory, five showrooms and multiple demo outlets. They focus on engineering and sales, and need annual maintenance to ensure the demo outlets are working smoothly.

What does Annual Maintenance Cover?

Annual maintenance could be for any service, equipment or facility as per the agreement between the brand and the service provider. A few examples of annual maintenance contracts are:

  1. Managing repair and maintenance of equipment.
  2. Office facilities management.
  3. Doorstep service for end consumers.
  4. Doorstep repair for end consumers.
  5. Household and housing societies management.
  6. AMC for appliances.

Do your customers need maintenance for the products or services?

Are you in a business where your customers need maintenance of the appliances, equipment or facilities you have offered? If yes, you would appreciate that while building products and selling need particular expertise, maintenance is a different ball game.

How do you Offer Services to your Customers?

The conventional style businesses hire technicians to offer customer services. However, this approach restricts their reach. A few other corporations use the services of local handyman professionals to provide these services to customers. This approach not only limits their service area but also hampers the quality and consistency of services.

Modern businesses use the services of experts and get into an annual maintenance contract. India's leading brands use the services of Easy Fix to reach out to their customers with timely and professional services.

Why Easy Fix?

Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing provider. Easy Fix has a decade of experience helping brands with their niche products and services like gym equipment, rooftop solar, EV charging, demo, installations, repair, maintenance, appliances and facilities.

Easy Fix helps bridge the gap between a brand's sales and service by creating a plug and play service model.

How Easy Fix Operates?

Easy Fix connects sales, service, customer care, technicians and technology into a single platform. Here is how Easy Fix works:

  1. Sign Up for an Annual Maintenance Contract with Easy Fix.
  2. Get access to an online platform for order booking.
  3. Plug and Play by choosing the geographies needed for extending service.
  4. Easy Fix trains the technicians in 40 training centres across 16 cities to represent the brand and offer the services.
  5. Easy Fix manages the workforce by recruiting technicians after experience and police background verification.
  6. The brand team places an order request on the CRM portal.
  7. Easy Fix uses advanced machine learning to assign the best-fit technician for the job.
  8. Technician gets the order information on the proprietary mobile app.
  9. Brand Team gets order wise details and tracking.
  10. Brand teams get access to dashboards for making data-driven decisions.
  11. Brands get standard pricing across the country, transparent accounting and guaranteed service delivery.

Can Individuals avail of the Services of Easy Fix?

Individuals can avail of the professional Easy Fix service by booking their order using this Easy Fix website. They can describe the requirement, choose a convenient time slot and provide contact details for the technician to visit.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, Brands can get a demo of the annual maintenance services in their environment to make an informed decision and experience the power of outsourcing. Leading brands have reported savings and increase in profit with plug and play services from Easy Fix.

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Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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