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AC Gas Filling

AC Gas Filling

One of the modern amenities it is getting increasingly tough to live without is the air conditioner. At the outset of the summers, the feeling when we switch on the AC is pure bliss. At the same time, when the air conditioner refuses to cool, it makes us sweat, for real.

When we come across an AC that refuses to chill the room, we need to get the AC serviced and call for AC gas filling.

The air conditioners cool by converting the liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator coil to gas. The indoor heat goes into the refrigerant, cooling the air as it passes over the evaporator coil. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant gas and sends the refrigerant into the condenser coil. The different types of ACs use a specific type of refrigerant gas. One should trust only an expert to do the job of AC gas filling.

Who needs AC gas filling?

Individuals need AC gas filling for their home air conditioners. Offices, shops and retail spaces need AC gas filling frequently to ensure smooth working of their locations. Similarly, AC manufacturers and sellers need to offer AC gas filling and AC service to their customers.

How do traditional brands get the AC gas filling done?

Brands search for local technicians near them or hire a few technicians to get the AC gas filling done. However, this restricts the brands from expanding their locations to new geographic regions. Brands also need to manage petty cash for these local technicians.

How do Individuals get the AC gas filling done?

Once an air conditioner gets out of warranty, Individuals depend on word of mouth or online search to find a technician for AC gas filling. The quality of service engineers remains an unknown area.

How do AC manufacturers and sellers offer AC gas filling?

The AC manufacturers and sellers need to offer AC service and AC gas filling. The legacy brands hire a few technicians limiting their service reach or tie-up with local technicians for AC gas filling. The quality control and timelines are often compromised.

How do modern brands offer AC gas filling?

Modern brands focus on their core expertise of manufacturing or selling air conditioners. They outsource the AC service to an expert handyman outsourcing company that represents the brand as their service team.   

Easy Fix represents India's leading manufacturers and sellers as an extension to their service team.

How Easy Fix Does it?

Easy Fix has over ten years of experience in providing last-mile professional handyman services. Easy Fix offers AC gas filling, AC service, EV charging, rooftop solar, gym equipment, modular kitchens, furniture, electricity, installations and repairs. Here are some reasons why brands prefer Easy Fix:

  • Plug and Play Services
    Easy Fix is present in 341 cities across India for a "plug and play" service to brands. Brands can get into an annual agreement with Easy Fix and receive on-demand service professionals that offer service on a predefined quality and timeline.
  • Great Customer Experience
    Customers get instant confirmation on their service requests. Easy Fix recruits the best technicians and makes them undergo a thorough experience and background verification. The technicians also undergo training to represent the brand and communicate with customers. Brands get access to order wise details and feedback. Customers always get on-time service and a great experience.

Can Individuals also get the AC gas filling from Easy Fix?

Yes, Easy Fix also extends professional services to the individuals who can order service by describing the requirements on the Easy Fix website. Further, Easy Fix allows choosing a convenient date and time for the services.

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Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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