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Sofa Repair Near Me

Sofa Repair Near Me

The sofa is an essential element of every modern home. Earlier it was usually the weekend and evenings which saw utilisation of the sofa. However, as the pandemic struck, most of us have been working from home. Our sofa has been many things- office, trampoline, dinner chair, bed and relaxing zone. The need for sofa repair has never been so essential.

Even the brands that run showrooms or lounges need frequent sofa repair work. Similarly, the manufacturers and sellers of sofas need to wear the hat of the provider of sofa repair services which is not their core expertise.

Are you a Brand that needs to offer Sofa Repair Services?

Are you a seller of the home or office furniture, run showrooms or spaces that use sofas or a manufacturer of Sofas? You would understand the value of a sofa repair.

A furniture seller needs to build expertise on understanding evolving user requirements, providing a good sales experience and ensuring the right products and placements. The limiting factor in their expansion plans is the ability to provide sofa repair services.

Similarly, furniture manufacturers have expertise in building great products. Offering repair services is an expertise that they need to create.

How traditional brands handled Sofa Repair Requirements?

The traditional brands hired a few technicians who were experts at the sofa repair work. These experts catered to a specific geographic area. A few brands also searched for the local sofa repair experts and used their services to attend customers. Both these approaches come with intricacies. Brands find expansion to new geography difficult as finding experts and enabling them to offer the expected service level is a daunting task. Other problems the brands face is managing petty cash, providing timely service and scaling operations.

The New Way

It's the age of building lean and efficient businesses. Businesses focus on their core expertise and use best partners for catering to everything that's not a core area. The leading furniture brands in India use the services of Easy Fix to extend sofa repair and other services to their customers.

Easy Fix is India's leading handyman outsourcing provider that enables corporations to bridge the gap between sales and service. Easy Fix acts as an extension of the service team.

How Easy Fix Works?

Easy Fix has built core expertise around offering the services of expert handyman professionals. Easy Fix works with India's leading corporations to develop a skillset around niche segments like furniture, sofa repair, EV charging, rooftop solar, installation, repair, gym equipment, appliances and electrical repairs. Some key advantages with Easy Fix are:

  1. Guaranteed Sofa Repairs
    Easy Fix offers guaranteed service at a pre-defined turnaround time as per the service agreement. A transparent track record of attending to every service request makes Easy Fix an extension of the service team.
  2. PAN India Service
    Easy Fix has a service presence in 341 cities across the country, covering all states and union territories. A brand can plug and play Easy Fix services into its operations and start offering its services. Easy Fix enables all technicians with training and tools for a consistent service experience that resonates with the brand's standards. 
  3. Top Professionals
    Easy Fix hires top professionals who undergo experience checks and detailed police background verification. The verification process ensures customers get access to the top-rated professionals for sofa repair and other services.
  4. Technology Driven
    The proprietary mobile apps and tracking tools keep the brand team and technicians updated. Brands get access to order level details, invoices, accounting and dashboards. These tools provide transparent information and help brands in making informed decisions.

Is Sofar repair on your mind? Easy Fix is your expert service partner. Get a demonstration done in your business environment now.

Reach us for a Quick Demonstration

Easy Fix can be your hands to serve customers across country or your partner to ensure your shops and offices run smoothly wherever they are.

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