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Slowly but steadily achieving our life goals

Slowly but steadily achieving our life goals


How did we live in 2021? In fear or joy. Are there any tiny changes getting planned for 2022. Just like us, are you also looking forward to the New year? Easy Fix team is enchanted, as it looks back and is looking forward to new year beginnings. The goal for any team leader would be to secure the future of its team, and Easy Fix is not different. We will continue to help our group of blue-collared members improve lifestyles, resolve challenges and sort a forecast for themselves and their children.

We have faith and follow the right strategy to meet 365 days with Client satisfaction and 24x7 customer happiness. 2022 is for handymen services to blossom, nurture and strengthen. With ongoing Skill India initiatives, we are optimistic about transforming India's unorganized and unprofessional handymen chaos. Easy Fix aims to employ 100% more field force to make it 3000+ working force to whom we will be able to nurture their families.

In 2022 we welcome retail and household customers to get brand verified handypersons as we open up for home website service bookings. Homes will continue to be our vertical for a Niche group of households who want to save time; as a brand with brands, we will continue to help them solve a more significant problem.

We provide cost-effective, time-efficient and easy-trackable services for business and, in 2022, open for households. We care the most about customer satisfaction, and we treat our role like a caretaker. 

The goal is to aim for health and happiness—all of us in team Easy Fix wish our readers a Happy new year, 2022.

To know about our work you can visit Below is a summary of our Service portfolio:

Modular kitchen

Easy Fix offers specialists skilled in installing and uninstalling modular kitchens. The approach is process-oriented. First, to get measurements of space and map commodities. Carefully following the drawing, the pieces are first installed independently and then mounted on the floor or wall. Modular kitchens need precise work, as with a single mistake, any drawer or cabinet can get damaged. Specially handypersons to be careful about no scratches while moving the product.

Gym equipment

Like treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical machines, 360 rotational gyms, bicycles, and specialized equipment, Gym equipment need experts to install, uninstall, or repair tasks. We value skills over attitude and offer experienced vetted professionals who understand customer service excellence. The handyman team procured any spare part needed, and they provided the required bill for material warranty. Until customers are satisfied with the service, the orders remain open.

Rooftop Solar

EasyFix gives complete installation and management service of Rooftops with experience in several top commercial and residential projects. Make the most of the solar system and show some love to mother nature. The sun is the powerhouse of the solar system as a whole, and it regulates life on earth and generates power for solar panel installations, so why not get rooftop solar. Rooftop Solar is the future of energy. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Specialists are needed for the installation of electric vehicle charging points at home parking or commercial hotspots. For EV manufacturers like Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV, Tata Tigor EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Mahindra e2oPlus, Mahindra e-Verito, and many more depend on a reliable partner to manage and Charging places maintenance infrastructure across the country. Easy Fix helps skilled workforce meet the demand of brands, as Electricians work for permissions and an end-to-end installation, App sync, demonstration, and material procurement. 


Today, we cannot imagine a brand not providing free installation service. Buying furniture and home essentials online is the new saviour. Many like to buy only, while many of us continue to shop n the traditional ways. Need for carpenter services is unavoidable; repair of old furniture, handle or door closure, wall drilling, fix locks, broken sofa, or make customized new furniture for you. We help our customers automate handypersons needs to book and monitor order progress on the same screen. 

What our customers like is our focus on a 360-degree solution. We take up their stress and treat the case as open until they are satisfied with our efficient and prompt service.

Repair and Maintain

Are you concerned about high labor costs? Well! Now don't be as EasyFix is here for you to cut down repair and maintenance expenses. Get quality and assured performance by professionals who have worked with top brands across various cities in India. Stay tension free with EasyFix!

If you feel unhappy about the repair service, a new Easy Fix handyman will be rescheduled for Free.

EasyFix has constructed mastery in giving jacks of all trades administrations over the most recent ten years. In 2011, EasyFix turned into the very first internet-based circuit tester and handyman supplier. We are developing the nation over with the most significant arrangement of 15 administrations. You presently don't need to stress over, cash being taken or a neighborhood craftsman not turning up on schedule in the wake of taking development cash.