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Should you hire a technician contractor?

Should you hire a technician contractor?


We often have both trivial and significant repair and maintenance related tasks to get done in our daily lives. We may need to add shelves to the laundry room, remodel the bathroom, install gym equipment, relocate an office or get some paintings on the wall. We often delay construction-related tasks and nor prioritise handyman jobs because getting such tasks done isn't straightforward. trusted

India does not work on Licensing a technician to become a technician. Even though ITI’s and Skill India support education, it’s not mandatory to have a certification to claim one’s skills. The technician you hire may or may not have the necessary training to perform the task, so it's vital to understand that you can take the risk with your product for those tasks. And whether to hire a handyperson through a local directory or trust a professional technician outsourcing company. For saving time, haggle-free getting things done, relying on experts with a network of experienced technicians will be a good alternative, like easyfix is one such company that specialises in curating skilled and professional technicians.

What characteristics should you seek in a contractor?

Who is a technician?

A technician is an individual who can accomplish a range of tasks specific to their skills. In India, technicians are unlicensed workers, as we learn from ancestors and don’t need a degree to be skilled. Usually, age, experience, and reference checks become the primary factors for hiring risks carefully. Otherwise, anybody may call themselves a technician. Yet as each domain is so extensive, each individual becomes an expert in his specific skills and field.

Every journey starts with handling small practicals as they practice trivial electrical or plumbing jobs under the guidance of a senior and as a helper. Over time, with practice, they're able to do their domain-specific minor electrical, plumbing carpentry and painting projects independently. With persistent practice, constant training, and investing in the latest tools, some fitters become good quality experts whose demand increases mainly through word of mouth. Some do not stick to one domain and learn a wide range of other house repairs.

Who is a technician contractor?

Technician Contractors build a team of multi-skilled technicians to offer their customers a one-stop solution. Technician contractors work in a much more organised and professional manner. They are futuristic, care about customer happiness, and won’t run away from the project halfway. They would hire supervisors to oversee the end-to-end project, coordinate for material and workforce replacement, and meet deadlines. As they get poured and overflowed by customer orders, many independent technicians build a team under them. `There are different genres of contractors, ranging from experts in commercial, residential, residential, architecture, masonry, civil, construction, or any other services. These contractors are authorised to carry out specified duties. They often do specialised jobs and are well-versed in various skills.

What things should you examine before hiring a technician contractor?

Plan the project.

The kind of person you hire will be decided by the project's objective and magnitude. A handyman is frequently employed to handle minor repairs, such as grouting in the kitchen. A contractor is better suited for larger projects requiring many different specialised skills. Think about the estimated time on the task, talk about the process and let the personal guide you on material, tools, skills and number of people necessary for your work.

What are you willing to pay?

First, it’s easier to negotiate with an independent technician as independent workers do not have fixed running and infrastructure costs. An independent technician will cost you less than a technician contractor. Examine how much you are willing to spend for the time and headache you want to save. 

Keep an Eye on your Project

Once again, it would be best if you trust your judgments. It is necessary to explain what you need to the person on the job. Be wary and do not provide full payment before commencing work. Look for certification, training and references before signing up.

Checking credentials and sharing project expectations in written along with reference pictures might help you minimise risks. Keep records such as:

  • Adhaar card picture for technicians visiting your home/office/store
  • A daily log for the number of working hours spent
  • You are tracking if tasks are getting completed on schedule.
  • The quality of material according to brand specified in the contract.
  • Know the quality of tools that technicians carry on site
  • Know your Rights and Avoid Handyman and Contractor Scams.

In conclusion, Look out for well-trained people as they are sure to be risk and headache-free. They will help you save in the long term, and problems won’t reoccur. If they do, you can trust professionals to adhere to the warranty clause in your contract.

Check how the contractor receives training for himself and his team. Maintaining the latest trends, materials, and techniques makes skilled professionals. Some Professional contractors offer police verification reports for their team of workers. Seek a contractor willing to take every feedback and improve on it.

Sahil Dang writes this article; content writer and digital communication expert at easyfix. is an aggregator of professional contractors. It helps contractors recognise their prior learning experience. Prior skilled technicians get training to grow personal and professional lifestyles to gain respect, growth, and identity in the industry. On easy fix’s members-only platform, the top-performing independent technicians get selected by corporates. The selected workforce gets brand certified and works with multinational corporates across India.