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Is India’s handymen sector ripe for a revolution?

Is India’s handymen sector ripe for a revolution?


The handyman industry is the next big booming industry in the world. It will create a powerful impact on customers as the online, on-demand services industry grows and flourishes further. The pandemic has helped in punctuating the need to bring the handymen industry into the formal sector. However, even as many companies like EasyFix are helping handymen find more stable income, healthcare benefits and help train them to work within better technologies, challenges always seem to crop up.

These include –

  1. Building a large customer base

While it is relatively easy to help handymen join the formal sector, keeping them employed can be a task. Even as India is experiencing a significantly higher investment in online, on-demand home services, many companies are building their workforce of handymen. Often without healthcare benefits and training programs, so handymen remain oblivious of better technologies.

Hence, building a large customer base is essential. Because companies like Easy Fix work directly with the handymen to skill them in the correct industries, the sector is witnessing huge returns. And online, on-demand home services companies have realized the benefits of hiring trained handymen! Further, they are also noticing the advantages (both costs and otherwise) of hiring handymen with the correct certifications and credentials to handle difficult tasks that require specialized knowledge.

  1. Seasonal work handymen in India

Although it is difficult to suggest a list of seasons when the employability of handymen rises, we cannot know for sure whether every one of them gets an adequate number of jobs to make a living. A direct implication of such a problem is that many handymen tend to quit their jobs or work on multiple projects that leave them inefficient. For example, this could very well be a strong reason why so many handymen end up doing a botched job that needs repairing every two months. Or it could just be a matter of knowledge!

Regardless, EasyFix not only helps handymen find steady jobs, but it also helps them in upskilling, so the probability of them receiving more projects increases substantially. For example, the team of handymen working with EasyFix is already trained in functioning and repairing power stations for the EV revolution. This means handymen working with EasyFix will get consistent work no matter what time of the year.

  1. Skilling and providing healthcare benefits to handymen

The one factor common to most problems within the handymen industry is the skill and knowledge of the handymen themselves. They should train under a reputable partner who can offer certifications. This allows them to gain more recognition in the industry and get more projects. Further, skilling handymen also helps in increasing their customer base over time.

Perhaps the most crucial challenge is providing healthcare benefits to handymen. Not only does this allow them to work longer hours, but it also gives them confidence in their work as they are insured. EasyFix offers its handymen on payroll healthcare benefits for this reason.

So, while the industry is ripe for a revolution, few companies like EasyFix are driving change and helping transform the industry